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From a soul perspective perfection does not exist, but wholeness does. Wholeness is a synthesis of opposites, positive and negative, which exists in all manifestation.

We often blame ourselves or feel guilty when we manifest something that we perceive as negative. We usually expect more of ourselves than is reasonable. And usually what we expect is some degree of perfection. When we do not accept our mistakes and messes we do not then tolerate the mistakes and messes of others. So we need to be much more tolerant and light hearted toward ourselves. That means to be more compassionate toward our human frailty. Accepting the weaknesses we have will balance and augment the strengths we have. Denying the weaknesses also denies the strengths.

Guilt is only useful to point out that you might not have been most appropriate.

The point of it then is simply to acknowledge that, learn from it and move on. It helps you take responsibility for your words, actions and thoughts. Beyond that it is needless and harmful.

An essential aspect of moving on is to forgive yourself for being inappropriate which means that you acknowledge what you did, accept it as what it is, and affirm the beauty, truth and goodness within yourself so that your heart embraces all of you. Doing this repeatedly will enable you to do the same with others thereby having wonderfully healthy, authentic and loving relationships.

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