About Melissa

dsc_1956Melissa has been fascinated with people, the body, mind, spirit, emotions, nature, health, behavior, culture, and energy much of her life.  During her adolecense, she spent much of her free time immersing herself in nature, traveling amongst a variety of people, drawn to the art and philosophies of the Beats, Hippies, Existentialists, Transcendentalists, and Environmentalists, and regularly attending live music concerts, including 3 Grateful Dead shows, to “move, feel and journey with the music”.  Melissa lived in Provincetown, MA the summer after high school and then went off to a small environmental liberal arts college in Poultney, Vermont – Green Mountain College (GMC).  In 1997, she drove cross country, and a couple months later spent the summer in Boulder, CO where she deemed Be Here Now and A Celestine Prophecy to be her helping-friendly books.  She spent a few more years studying in Vermont before taking classes, conducting research, teaching English, hiking and exploring the beautiful lands and cultures of South Korea and Japan.  After a summer working in Martha’s Vineyard, Melissa completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Science and Environmental Science from GMC in May, 2001.  She is forever grateful for the diverse experiences during those impressionable years that allowed her to observe different peoples behaving according to their distinct thoughts, beliefs, values, ethics, and environmental conditions.

During her twenties, Melissa continued her personal healing work in conjunction with being present, conscious, simple, receptive, compassionate, and connected to Nature and Spirit as she was teaching, traveling, living, studying, and working at beaches, in public schools, environmental centers, holistic institutes, on the road, in the woods, on homesteads, and within intentional communities throughout the US.  These experiences reinforced that she was not on planet Earth to perpetuate the contemporary mainstream paradigm, and it’s unconscious Judeo-Christian, unhealthy nature-dominating, unsustainable capitalistic, power-hungry etiquette and values because much was in direct conflict with her intuition and understandings.  Melissa began to hear the call to share wisdom and truth rather than curriculum, information or facts; to live more simply, naturally, and mindfully; to live in service of the greater good, life, the divine; to connect with her higher-self; to willfully take part in evolution; and to inspire others to honor their higher-selves and make changes toward more healthy, conscious, and sustainable ways of living.

Melissa was seriously contemplating the relationship between an individual’s physical/mental/emotional and spiritual health, their well-being and quality of life, and their environment, when she decided to go to massage school.  Despite her struggles with the suffering, darkness, sadness, and pain of life here on planet Earth, Melissa became encouraged by particular behaviors, practices, attitudes, and ways-of-thinking that she observed appeared to be creating more satisfying lives, relationships, careers, and health.

dsc_1973In 2005, Melissa graduated from Educating Hands School of Massage and Bodywork in Miami, FL.  While in Florida, she focused on developing her massage skills and cultivating her intuition, working with hundreds of people and bodies, as well as health conditions and lifestyles, while becoming connected to the birth community, offering Pregnancy Massage, and beginning her study and practice of Craniosacral Therapy.  Melissa made her way back to Vermont in the spring of 2007 and received her Holistic Health Practitioner certification from the Global College of Natural Medicine, incorporating the healing aspects of nutrition, detoxification, herbs, flower essences, body-mind therapies, diagnostic techniques and lifestyle modifications.

For the last decade, Melissa has been providing therapeutic massage, bodywork, and energy work to educators, town administrators, local non-profit employees, veterans, and the Brattleboro community at-large as well as offering supplements, holistic health consultations and personal empowerment/well-being and bodywork classes.  She helps her clients manage and heal pain and improve performance after injuries, relax muscle spasms and relieve tension, reduce inflammation, soreness and stiffness, and increase range of motion.  In addition, clients continue to choose Melissa as their therapist because she is effective at calming nervous systems, reducing blood pressure, strengthening resistance to disease and chronic conditions, and balancing hormonal activity. She is grateful to be of service, nurturing and supporting her clients and community, and creating sacred space for people to heal and connect with their higher selves.

Melissa continues to study and practice a variety of massage and bodywork techniques including Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, 5- Element Chinese Medicine, Zen Shiatsu, and Myoskeletal Alignment.  She is a life-long student, teacher, healer, permaculturist and biodynamic grower, forager, wild-crafter, nature-lover, artist, astrologer, hiker, dancer, swimmer and traveler.  She feels especially blessed to be working with the innate intelligence of the Divine, Nature, Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotions.