She understands the body like no one I have ever worked with. She tailors her time to the individual and makes me feel like a million bucks.”

- Rob M.

Janna and I value Melissa. She plays a very important part in our health. She is a kind and generous soul. Both of us always feel much better when she works to heal.”

- Dr. Greg H.


Thank you for being so attentive, in tune and kind with me.”

- Edith S.

Thank you for being there when I was in such need of physical and spiritual healing.”

- Anna L.

A dedicated compassionate human being; in the pursuit of knowledge to help others. A unique and amazing sense of finding problem spots and releasing underlying causes.”

- Jon S.

You did an amazing job on visit one…I woke up pain free for the first time in years. Thank you.”

- Paul, teacher

Thank you for a wonderful session last evening. I am not the best sleeper – and I slept like a rock – never heard the thunder storm or our dog reacting to it.”

- Chris, teacher

You are a true gift! When you massage me, you don’t just use your arms and hands; I can feel your whole body connecting and moving with me.  Your intuition is right on!  Thank you for your dedication.”

- Supriya, psychic counselor, Creative Transformation

Melissa saved me from a body crisis!  She understood my injury and was able to be specific in targeting areas of pain and gave me great advice with supplemental treatment.  All with great compassion.  A rare find.”

- Hillary, professional chef

Melissa is a therapist’s therapist… a healer’s healer.  I trust her touch, intuitive sense and spiritual connection.  Her sessions consistently bring me through deep relaxation to a sense of renewed invigoration.  I recommend Melissa Jane Hall to my clients (when I’m unavailable) and to YOU!”

- Ami, healer

Melissa, Thank you for your care and attention.  My shoulders are down today and I feel more focused.  Thank you!

- Marisa, administrator

Melissa’s deep wisdom and innate understanding of the interconnectedness of emotional and physical well being is astounding.  She has helped me identify and heal my symptoms from a perspective that is more real, whole and accurate than any other health practitioner I’ve worked with.”

- client prefers to be anonymous