Four Chambered Heart

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The Four Chambered Heart is of my favorite teachings from my first 2 Visionary Craniosacral Therapy trainings back in January.  See, the heart is physically shaped into a spiral; a double spiral, actually; an infinity sign, ¥.  This double spiral results in the creation of four separate chambers. What is important to note when working with heart energy is that the electrical field of the heart is a hundred times stronger than the electrical field of the brain, and the magnetic field of the heart is 5000 times stronger than the magnetic field of the brain.  The heart is also the center of the spiral of our energy field.  Therefore, by connecting, relating and working from our own heart center, and/or by syncing up with our clients, family, friends, pets, and our planet’s heart energies, we can intend, create and facilitate deeper healings, experiences, truths and loves.


Placing our hands on our hearts, let’s close our eyes and envision the left upper chamber of our heart.  This is the Full Heart.  The Full Heart asks, “How do you feel?  Are you abundant and full of love?  Or are you depleted, don’t know how to love, or have nothing to give?”  Now, listen.  The full heart needs to be nurtured by our Self, our family, nature and life.  Paying attention and consciously connecting with those people, places and situations that are meaningful to us cultivates the Full Heart.


Keeping our hands on our hearts and imagining the left lower chamber of the heart, try to sense the Open Heat.  The Open Heart asks, “Are you open to new experiences? Friendships? Falling in love again? Making a fool of yourself even?  Or are you not safe?  Are you going to stay away because something may be too difficult for you?”  Listen for messages.  Embracing all that life has to offer from the position of wisdom and acceptance allows us to continue moving forward on our journeys and see possibilities where we might not had been able to otherwise, even when our minds are confused, chaotic and/or afraid.


Now with our hands, eyes and bodymind, let’s sense the right upper chamber of our hearts.  This is the Clear Heart.  The Clear Heart asks, “Do you see with clarity, with clearness.  Can you see what troubles people, what people really need?  Or are you cloudy and confused?”  Listen.  Practicing letting go of our beliefs, prejudices and ideals of how things should be will allow us to experience a greater respect for our own journey and that of others.


Finally, let’s connect with the right lower chamber of our hearts.  This is the home of the Strong Heart.  The Strong Heart asks, “What is your dream?  Do you have the courage to continue holding on and working towards that dream?”  Take a moment to listen.  Becoming present in the moment and settling into ourselves brings us closer to our Big Dream.  We can then more easily link up to the courage living inside ourselves necessary to take action.




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