Self-Healing with Breath, Visualizations and Progressive Muscle Relaxation

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All beings have the ability to self heal, to strengthen and support their self-corrective mechanisms, to nurture their innate intelligence, and to create greater balance and health.  My greatest aspiration for humans is to learn to love and honor themselves again, and I do this by continually encouraging my clients to empower themselves by taking time to practice self-healing techniques. Only when we humans love, honor and care for ourselves will we be able to sincerely love, honor and care for all beings, this planet and the universe as a whole.


The following is a self-healing technique I have been developing over the last few years. You can do this practice for only 5 or 10 minutes to relax and ground, but I invite you to stay with the practice for close to an hour in order to feel completely rested and rejuvenated.  Feel free to modify this practice to suit your needs.  This exercise works best when lying on the floor with your calves propped up and resting on a chair or couch so that the hips and knees are at about a 90 degree angle.


To begin, bring your shoulder blades together underneath you so that your chest opens and allow your arms to lay by your side with palms facing up. Using the power of conscious breathing, feel the tension and stress leave your body, muscles, connective tissues, bones, fluids and spaces with each exhale.  You may feel your body soften, spread, twitch, and unwind as you release deep holding patterns caught in your body and tissues.  Try to stay conscious and awake through this process so you can intentionally heal yourself.


Imagine breathing in through the top of your head, your crown chakra.

Use your breath to pull energy down into your skull.

Feel the muscles at the back of your head, eyes and jaw soften with your exhales.

Now imagine the space between your skin and skull and breathe into that space.


Next, come down to the center of your forehead and feel your third eye.

Inhale through your crown, filling your head with breath and energy, and visualize sending your breath out through the front and back of your third eye.

Feel your temples, the sides of your head, behind your eyes and the tissues around your ears soften and release.

Imagine your pineal gland in the center of your brain, skull and head and with your breath release any tension held in this area.


Continue breathing through your crown and bring your breath to your throat chakra.

Feel the tissues in front and behind your neck soften and release with your exhales.

Let go of any tension in your tongue, jaw and throat.

Visualize sending your breath out through the front and back of your throat.

Feel the width of your neck and shoulders and breathe out any tension in these muscles.


Now, inhale though your crown and into your heart space.

Feel the muscles and tissues of your shoulders soften and spread out underneath you.

Breathe into the width of your shoulders and chest.

Breathe into the side of your ribs.

Imagine the space between your tissues and ribs and breathe into that space.

Allow the space surrounding your heart chakra to soften and visualize sending your breath out through the front and back of your heart chakra.

Allow the muscles of your upper arms and shoulders relax and melt with your breath.

Fill your heart and down into your lungs with healing breath.


Inhale through your crown and into solar plexus.

Feel the space under your ribs, your diaphragm, sink down and soften with your exhales.

Feel your mid-back spread out and release underneath you.

Release any tension in this solar plexus with your exhales.

Visualize sending breath out through the front and back of your third chakra and imagine it opening and growing stronger.


Breathe through your crown, down your spine and deep into your low back and belly.

Allow your second chakra to fill with healing breath.

Feel the side of your hips, the width of your low back and allow your glutes to spread out and relax with your exhales.

Visualize sending breath out through the front and back of your second chakra and imagine it softening and opening.

Release any tension in this area with your breath.


Finally, bring your breath down your crown and into your pelvic floor, tailbone and genital region.

Feel your lower belly, lower back and pelvic floor muscles soften and relax with each breath.

Allow the tension in your groin, inner thighs, hamstrings, glutes, perineum and genitals to soften and release with each exhale.

Imagine your root chakra awakening with your breath.

Visualize sending breath through the root chakra and out into the universe.


Continue breathing through your crown, down your spine, healing your body, mind and spirit, and releasing anything you no longer need.  Feel free to practice this exercise backwards, breathing in through your root and working your way back up to your crown.


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