Brain Waves and Stress

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Our overall brain activity is a mix of beta, alpha, theta and delta frequencies happening at the same time.  At any given time, one of these patterns is usually dominant over the others and the dominant pattern is responsible for our state of awareness.  For simplicity sake, beta waves are most present during periods of concentration, alertness, and cognition as well as when experiencing anxiety, tension, and surges of adrenaline.  Alpha waves are more dominant during periods involving relaxation, meditation, pre-sleep, and pre-waking drowsiness.  Theta waves are more active during day-dreaming, deep meditation and dreaming sleep.  Delta activity is more present during dreamless sleep.  All forms of slower brainwave activity improve long-term memory, creativity, intuition, and brain-body healing including increased serotonin production and immune function.

BUSY BETA BRAIN WAVES seem to have taken over to become the dominant frequency people are engaged in today.  This makes sense given our constantly on-the-go, overstimulated world of multi-tasking.  From the moment some people wake up abruptly from sleep to an alarm clock, rush through the morning routine, race to get out the door to work, the daily responsibilities or commitments, some people’s brain activity and therefore nervous systems as well as endocrine systems are forced to function throughout the day at warp speed.  Many individuals who spend too much of their waking hours engaged in BUSY BETA WAVE activity often have trouble slowing or calming down, and falling or staying asleep.

Balance is the key.  We don’t want to regularly produce too much or too little of any brainwave frequency.  We need to be able to shift our brain activity to match what we are doing.  At work, we need to stay focused and attentive and beta activity is good.  But throughout the day and when we get home and want to relax, we need to be able to produce less beta and more alpha activity.  To get to sleep, we need to be able to slow down even more.  Healthy individuals often shift throughout all brain wave patterns throughout the day.

Due to the fact that many people are short on alpha brain wave activity, it is a good idea to learn how they can be increased. People who suffer from anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, or other stress related problems benefit greatly from experiences that increase alpha wave activity.

Some suggestions for supporting alpha brain wave activity at work: after you have completed a task, sit down for a minute to rest. feel your body and breath.  Take a short walk outside during lunch or after a meeting and gently reflect on the natural surroundings rather than your to-do-list.

Some suggestions for supporting alpha activity after work: breathe, connect to your body, RECEIVE A MASSAGE OR CRANIOSACRAL SESSION FROM ME, utilize brainwave entrainment technology, meditate, practice closed eyed visualizations, yoga, playful stretching, deep breathing exercises, guided relaxation (I HAVE MANY CDS AVAILABLE AT THE OFFICE), play outside, play with music or arts and crafts, lay under the sun or stars, sit in the woods, a sauna, hot tub, AND JUST BE.

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